Small Chicago Firm Scores $32.3 Million Win Against Behemoth

A small Chicago-based law firm has won a $32.3 million verdict in a case of patent violation against the global law firm, Dentons.

The verdict, which was handed down by a jury in California, is one of the largest ever awarded in a tire defect case. The case involved patented laser technology created by Dr. Darryl Costin, who accused Dentons of stealing the technology and infringing upon the copyright for his laser device that altered the appearance of jeans.

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The law firm representing the injured party, Dr. Darryl Costin, was a small team of 11 lawyers led by Kristi Brown. Brown argued that the company had known about the patent, stolen the technology, and attempted to bully the plaintiff out of pursuing a court case. After a lengthy trial, the jury agreed with the plaintiff's arguments and awarded $32.3 million in damages.

The trial involved key moments, including Dentons' disqualification, relentless attacks on Dr. Costin's integrity and professionalism, and arguments about jury instructions and damages calculations. Despite these challenges, the Patterson Law Firm proved its case through irrefutable facts and indomitable legal tactics. Dentons continued to contest the verdict and announced several press releases claiming that the appellate court had manipulated malpractice law. The Patterson Law Firm alleges these claims are false, and in an article for Bakersfield, they report that the media printed Denton's statements verbatim regardless of their veracity.

The victory highlights the significance of exceptional legal practices, unwavering commitment to justice, and a strong team in achieving success. The Patterson Law Firm's success in the RevoLaze case underscores the importance of not compromising ethics for hefty fees and accepting clients with potential conflicts of interest. In an inspiring David vs. Goliath story that highlights the role of a committed legal team in serving justice, the Patterson Law firm won regardless of its opponent's size.