House Democrats Call on Biden to Preserve Delta-Aeromexico Partnership

Fifteen Hispanic House Democrats have united in a bid to advocate for the continuation of the longstanding collaboration between Delta Air Lines and Grupo Aeromexico SAB, Mexico’s leading carrier. The coalition of lawmakers is urging the Biden administration to reconsider its decision to terminate the partnership, citing concerns over potential job losses and adverse impacts on air travel connectivity between the United States and Mexico.

The joint venture between Delta and Aeromexico, established in 2016, has played a pivotal role in synchronizing flight schedules and pricing, thereby enhancing travel options for passengers on both sides of the border. However, the impending termination of this agreement has raised alarm among lawmakers, who fear it could result in higher ticket prices, reduced air service connectivity, and fewer choices for American travelers. In a letter addressed to Secretary Buttigieg, the lawmakers expressed their significant concern regarding the proposal to terminate the Joint Cooperation Agreement (JCA) between Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico. They emphasized that such a decision would not only jeopardize thousands of jobs but also undermine the progress made in improving air travel accessibility and consumer choice.

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The coalition of House Democrats is calling on the Biden administration to reassess its position on ending the Delta-Aeromexico partnership, highlighting the potential adverse implications for both nation’s economies and air travel industries. Since its inception, an estimated 45 million travelers have benefited from the strategic alliance between the two airlines. The lawmakers emphasized the importance of preserving the Delta-Aeromexico partnership in promoting economic growth and maintaining robust air travel connectivity between the United States and Mexico. They underscored the need for continued collaboration and cooperation to ensure the vitality of the aviation sector and to safeguard the interests of passengers and workers alike.

The Biden administration's decision on the fate of the Delta-Aeromexico partnership remains pending. However, the concerted efforts of House Democrats reflect a commitment to advocating for policies that support job preservation, enhance travel accessibility, and foster mutually beneficial partnerships between nations in the aviation industry.