Coheso Emerges from Stealth to Revolutionize In-House Legal Department Operations

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, legal operations have often found themselves lagging behind other corporate functions in terms of innovation. However, a new player has entered the field, aiming to bridge this gap and revolutionize the way in-house legal teams manage their workflows. Coheso, an AI-powered legal intake and work management software platform, has emerged from stealth, poised to empower legal and compliance teams with cutting-edge tools to accelerate business objectives while reducing risks and costs.

The brainchild of co-founders Ned Gannon, Manish Agnihotri, Chirag Mehta, and Aditya Rathod, Coheso represents the culmination of years of dedication to leveraging the latest advancements in generative artificial intelligence. Recognizing the growing trend of legal departments keeping more work in-house, which now stands at 54% of spending, Coheso aims to provide a solution tailored specifically to the needs of in-house legal teams.

Traditionally, legal operations teams have had to either customize generic tools or develop their own internal systems to manage workflows effectively. This often led to inefficiencies and a lack of innovation in crucial legal workflows such as intake, work management, and work product generation. Coheso seeks to change this narrative by offering a streamlined platform that enables faster attorney responses, heightened productivity, and increased data visibility.

One of Coheso's key features is its AI-powered interface, which allows business users to submit questions and requests to legal and compliance teams seamlessly. Whether through the Coheso interface or existing platforms like Slack and Outlook, users can receive immediate responses based on company policies, contracts, or other documentation. For more complex requests, the system gathers the necessary information, prioritizes tasks, and delegates them accordingly, all while accelerating the generation of legal work products.

The leadership team behind Coheso boasts a wealth of experience in both the legal domain and AI technology. CEO Ned Gannon, a Harvard Law graduate and successful serial legal tech entrepreneur, brings invaluable insights from his previous ventures, including AI-powered contract analytics pioneer eBrevia. The rest of the co-founders, with backgrounds in data science and machine learning from Carnegie Mellon University, further complement Coheso's expertise in AI-driven solutions for the legal industry.

Backed by leading venture capital firms and angel investors, Coheso is set to make its mark on the legal tech landscape. With plans to showcase its platform at prominent industry conferences, including the CLOC Global Institute and Legal Innovators California, Coheso is ready to demonstrate the transformative potential of its end-to-end operations platform for in-house legal and compliance teams.

Coheso's emergence from stealth represents a significant milestone in the evolution of legal department intake and work management. By harnessing the power of AI, Coheso is poised to empower in-house legal teams to operate more efficiently, reduce risks, and drive greater value for the business units they serve.